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For Special Protection Areas (SPA),
Proposed Sites for Community Importance (pSCI),
Sites of Community Importance (SCI) and
for Special Areas of Conservation (SAC)



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1.1 Type


1.2 Site code


1.3 Site name

Torriana, Montebello, Fiume Marecchia

1.4 First Compilation date


1.5 Update date


1.6 Respondent:

Name/Organisation:Regione Emilia-Romagna - Direzione Generale Cura del territorio e dell'ambiente - Servizio Aree protette, foreste e sviluppo della montagna

1.7 Site indication and designation / classification dates

Date site proposed as SCI:1995-06
Date site confirmed as SCI: No information provided
Date site designated as SAC:2019-03
National legal reference of SAC designation:DM 13/03/2019 - G.U. 79 del 03-04-2019


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2.1 Site-centre location [decimal degrees]:


2.2 Area [ha]


2.3 Marine area [%]


2.4 Sitelength [km] (optional):

No information provided

2.5 Administrative region code and name

NUTS level 2 code Region Name

2.6 Biogeographical Region(s)

Continental (100.00 %)


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3.1 Habitat types present on the site and assessment for them

Annex I Habitat types Site assessment
Code PF NP Cover [ha] Cave [number] Data quality A|B|C|D A|B|C
      RepresentativityRelative SurfaceConservationGlobal
3130  info      0.5  0.00 
3140  info      3.39  0.00 
3150  info      0.94  0.00 
3160  info      1.85  0.00 
3240  info      25.7  0.00 
3260  info      0.01  0.00 
3270  info      60.54  0.00 
3280  info      0.19  0.00 
3290  info      0.1  0.00 
5130  info      4.45  0.00 
6110  info      5.96  0.00 
6210  info  X     86.58  0.00 
6220  info      37  0.00 
6420  info      13.78  0.00 
6430  info      1.29  0.00 
7210  info      1.45  0.00 
7220  info      0.1  0.00 
8210  info      1.33  0.00 
91AA  info      76.52  0.00 
91E0  info      5.81  0.00 
92A0  info      117.54  0.00 
9340  info      6.01  0.00 
  • PF: for the habitat types that can have a non-priority as well as a priority form (6210, 7130, 9430) enter "X" in the column PF to indicate the priority form.
  • NP: in case that a habitat type no longer exists in the site enter: x (optional)
  • Cover: decimal values can be entered
  • Caves: for habitat types 8310, 8330 (caves) enter the number of caves if estimated surface is not available.
  • Data quality: G = 'Good' (e.g. based on surveys); M = 'Moderate' (e.g. based on partial data with some extrapolation); P = 'Poor' (e.g. rough estimation)

3.2 Species referred to in Article 4 of Directive 2009/147/EC and listed in Annex II of Directive 92/43/EEC and site evaluation for them

Species Population in the site Site assessment
G Code Scientific Name S NP T Size Unit Cat. D.qual. A|B|C|D A|B|C
      MinMax  Pop.Con.Iso.Glo.
BA298Acrocephalus arundinaceus          DD 
BA296Acrocephalus palustris          DD 
BA297Acrocephalus scirpaceus          DD 
BA229Alcedo atthis          DD 
BA229Alcedo atthis          DD 
BA056Anas clypeata          DD 
BA055Anas querquedula          DD 
BA051Anas strepera          DD 
BA255Anthus campestris          DD 
BA226Apus apus          DD 
BA028Ardea cinerea          DD 
BA029Ardea purpurea          DD       
BA024Ardeola ralloides     
BA222Asio flammeus          DD 
BA059Aythya ferina          DD 
BA061Aythya fuligula          DD 
BA060Aythya nyroca          DD 
F1137Barbus plebejus          DD 
A5357Bombina pachipus          DD 
BA021Botaurus stellaris     
BA243Calandrella brachydactyla          DD 
BA149Calidris alpina          DD 
BA224Caprimulgus europaeus          DD 
I1088Cerambyx cerdo          DD 
BA138Charadrius alexandrinus     
BA136Charadrius dubius          DD 
BA197Chlidonias niger    10   
BA031Ciconia ciconia    30   
BA030Ciconia nigra     
BA080Circaetus gallicus     
BA081Circus aeruginosus          DD       
BA082Circus cyaneus          DD 
BA083Circus macrourus     
BA084Circus pygargus          DD 
F5304Cobitis bilineata          DD 
I1044Coenagrion mercuriale    1000  1500   
BA231Coracias garrulus          DD 
BA113Coturnix coturnix          DD 
BA212Cuculus canorus          DD 
BA038Cygnus cygnus     
BA253Delichon urbica          DD 
BA027Egretta alba     
BA026Egretta garzetta          DD 
BA026Egretta garzetta          DD 
BA379Emberiza hortulana          DD 
R1220Emys orbicularis          DD 
I6199Euplagia quadripunctaria          DD 
BA103Falco peregrinus          DD       
BA099Falco subbuteo          DD 
BA097Falco vespertinus          DD 
BA321Ficedula albicollis          DD       
BA154Gallinago media     
BA123Gallinula chloropus          DD 
P4104Himantoglossum adriaticum          DD 
BA131Himantopus himantopus          DD 
BA300Hippolais polyglotta          DD 
BA251Hirundo rustica          DD 
BA022Ixobrychus minutus          DD 
BA233Jynx torquilla          DD 
BA338Lanius collurio          DD 
BA341Lanius senator          DD 
BA184Larus argentatus          DD 
BA176Larus melanocephalus    51  100   
BA177Larus minutus    11  50   
I1083Lucanus cervus          DD 
BA246Lullula arborea          DD       
BA271Luscinia megarhynchos          DD 
BA272Luscinia svecica          DD 
I1060Lycaena dispar          DD 
BA230Merops apiaster          DD 
BA073Milvus migrans     
BA074Milvus milvus     
BA280Monticola saxatilis          DD 
BA281Monticola solitarius          DD 
BA260Motacilla flava          DD 
BA319Muscicapa striata          DD 
BA023Nycticorax nycticorax          DD 
BA023Nycticorax nycticorax          DD 
BA277Oenanthe oenanthe          DD 
BA337Oriolus oriolus          DD 
BA094Pandion haliaetus          DD       
BA072Pernis apivorus          DD 
BA017Phalacrocorax carbo          DD 
BA393Phalacrocorax pygmeus    35   
BA151Philomachus pugnax          DD 
BA274Phoenicurus phoenicurus          DD 
BA313Phylloscopus bonelli          DD 
BA034Platalea leucorodia     
BA032Plegadis falcinellus     
BA008Podiceps nigricollis          DD 
BA120Porzana parva          DD 
BA119Porzana porzana          DD 
F5962Protochondrostoma genei          DD 
M1304Rhinolophus ferrumequinum          DD 
M1303Rhinolophus hipposideros          DD 
BA249Riparia riparia          DD 
BA195Sterna albifrons    10   
BA193Sterna hirundo     
BA210Streptopelia turtur          DD 
BA309Sylvia communis          DD 
BA306Sylvia hortensis          DD 
BA307Sylvia nisoria          DD 
BA166Tringa glareola          DD 
A1167Triturus carnifex          DD 
BA232Upupa epops          DD 
BA142Vanellus vanellus          DD 
I1014Vertigo angustior          DD 
  • Group: A = Amphibians, B = Birds, F = Fish, I = Invertebrates, M = Mammals, P = Plants, R = Reptiles
  • S: in case that the data on species are sensitive and therefore have to be blocked for any public access enter: yes
  • NP: in case that a species is no longer present in the site enter: x (optional)
  • Type: p = permanent, r = reproducing, c = concentration, w = wintering (for plant and non-migratory species use permanent)
  • Unit: i = individuals, p = pairs or other units according to the Standard list of population units and codes in accordance with Article 12 and 17 reporting (see reference portal)
  • Abundance categories (Cat.): C = common, R = rare, V = very rare, P = present - to fill if data are deficient (DD) or in addition to population size information
  • Data quality: G = 'Good' (e.g. based on surveys); M = 'Moderate' (e.g. based on partial data with some extrapolation); P = 'Poor' (e.g. rough estimation); VP = 'Very poor' (use this category only, if not even a rough estimation of the population size can be made, in this case the fields for population size can remain empty, but the field "Abundance categories" has to be filled in)

3.3 Other important species of flora and fauna (optional)


Population in the site


Group CODE Scientific Name S NP Size Unit Cat. Species Annex Other categories
     MinMax C|R|V|PIVVABCD
Aeshna isosceles                   
Anacamptis pyramidalis                   
Artemisia cretacea                   
Baldellia ranunculoides                   
2361Bufo bufo                   
1201Bufo viridis                   
Carex viridula                   
2437Chalcides chalcides                   
Cicindela majalis                   
Cistus creticus eriocephalus                   
Cladium mariscus Cladium mariscus                   
Convolvulus cantabrica                   
1281Elaphe longissima                   
2615Eliomys quercinus                   
Epipactis palustris                   
1327Eptesicus serotinus                 
Euphorbia palustris                   
Helianthemum jonium                   
5670Hierophis viridiflavus                   
Hydrophilus piceus                   
5358Hyla intermedia                   
5365Hypsugo savii                 
1344Hystrix cristata                   
Iolana iolas                   
Juncus subnodulosus                   
5179Lacerta bilineata                   
Lemna minor                   
Lissotriton vulgaris                   
1058Maculinea arion                   
Morimus asper asper                   
1358Mustela putorius                     
1314Myotis daubentonii                 
Myriophyllum spicatum                   
1292Natrix tessellata                   
1331Nyctalus leisleri                 
Ononis masquillierii                   
Ophrys apifera                   
Ophrys bertolonii                   
Ophrys fusca                   
Orchis coriophora                   
Orchis morio                   
2016Pipistrellus kuhlii                 
1309Pipistrellus pipistrellus                 
Pistacia therebinthus                   
Plantago maritima                   
1256Podarcis muralis                   
1250Podarcis sicula                   
1076Proserpinus proserpina                   
1209Rana dalmatina                   
1210Rana esculenta                     
Rhamnus alaternus                   
1849Ruscus aculeatus                 
Samolus valerandi                   
Serapias parviflora                   
Serapias vomeracea                   
Spiranthes spiralis                   
Tripidium ravennae                   
Typha laxmannii                   
Utricularia australis                   
Veronica catenata                   
Zannichellia palustris polycarpa                   
6943Zerynthia cassandra                   
  • Group: A = Amphibians, B = Birds, F = Fish, Fu = Fungi, I = Invertebrates, L = Lichens, M = Mammals, P = Plants, R = Reptiles
  • CODE: for Birds, Annex IV and V species the code as provided in the reference portal should be used in addition to the scientific name
  • S: in case that the data on species are sensitive and therefore have to be blocked for any public access enter: yes
  • NP: in case that a species is no longer present in the site enter: x (optional)
  • Unit: i = individuals, p = pairs or other units according to the standard list of population units and codes in accordance with Article 12 and 17 reporting, (see reference portal)
  • Cat.: Abundance categories: C = common, R = rare, V = very rare, P = present
  • Motivation categories: IV, V: Annex Species (Habitats Directive), A: National Red List data; B: Endemics; C: International Conventions; D: other reasons


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4.1 General site character

Habitat class % Cover

Total Habitat Cover


Other Site Characteristics

Fascia della collina riminese caratterizazzata da argille scagliose e da emergenze calcaree compatte che originano rupi con pareti scoscese e accumuli detritici ai piedi dei monti. E' compreso inoltre un tratto del fiume Marecchia con vegetazione dei greti, canneti a Canna di Plinio, prati umidi e terrazzi aridi. Flora protetta (orchidee).

4.2 Quality and importance

Specie vegetali CORINE appendice K: Himantoglossum adriaticum, Orchis coriophora. Specie vegetali RARISSIME: Plantago maritima. Specie animali: Chalcides chalcides, entità olomediterranea, in regione legata ad ambienti costieri e del Contrafforte Pliocenico che presentano caratteristiche bioclimatiche e vegetazionali di tipo mediterraneo. Scarse conoscenze sulla distribuzione ed ecologia di popolazione. Distribuzione frammentata. Inoltre nidificazione di Pernis apivorus, Circus pygargus, Calandrella brachydactyla. Importante popolazione ittica nel fiume Marecchia. Sito di presenza di Vertigo angustior. Importante stazione di Coenagrion mercuriale presso Pietracuta (San Leo). Importante garzaia con presenza di Egretta garzetta, Nycticorax, nycticorax, Ardeola ralloides, Phalacrocorax pygmeus. Presenza invernale e primaverile di Botaurus stellaris.

4.3 Threats, pressures and activities with impacts on the site

The most important impacts and activities with high effect on the site

Negative Impacts
RankThreats and pressures [code]Pollution (optional) [code]inside/outside [i|o|b]
Positive Impacts
RankActivities, management [code]Pollution (optional) [code]inside/outside [i|o|b]

Rank: H = high, M = medium, L = low
Pollution: N = Nitrogen input, P = Phosphor/Phosphate input, A = Acid input/acidification,
T = toxic inorganic chemicals, O = toxic organic chemicals, X = Mixed pollutions
i = inside, o = outside, b = both

4.4 Ownership (optional)

No information provided

4.5 Documentation (optional)

No information provided


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5.1 Designation types at national and regional level (optional):

Code Cover [%]

5.2 Relation of the described site with other sites (optional):

No information provided

5.3 Site designation (optional)

No information provided


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6.1 Body(ies) responsible for the site management:

Organisation:ENTE GESTORE: Regione Emilia-Romagna

6.2 Management Plan(s):

An actual management plan does exist:

Yes Name: Piani di Gestione del sito IT4090002 - Torriana, Montebello, Fiume Marecchia

No, but in preparation

6.3 Conservation measures (optional)

Le Misure Specifiche di Conservazione sono consultabili alla pagina web del sito:



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